Friday, July 10, 2009

Nothing Talking?

Look closely. At what I circled. Click ctrl+ to see it up close or right click, view image, and then ctrl+. It's NOTHING talking!


  1. ????? Where is the Penguin? LOL

  2. That's what I mean! I wanted to make it more close up, but when I try to it gets all pixely.


  3. OK, let me share more smarticles to see if I can help.
    Theory 1. Well, a common problem on Club Penguin is penguins moving but other people don't see it. This ESPECIALLY happens near a wall. Notice the penguin saying ''Does CPR'', and notice the green penguin in the pink dress next to the wall. Maybe that penguin moved, Club Penguin had one of those moving glitches again, they talked, so on so on.
    Theory 2. There have been two hundred something more hackers than last month logging on. I have seen penguins on the night club... penguins copying what you say... one penguin freely admitted they were using penguin storm... penguins in the EXACT same spot as you (AFTER you already sat down in that spot) so on so on... HACKERS!