Friday, July 24, 2009

Goodbye Rassbert's Secrets

I will not be posting on this blog anymore, I will be on he has made me a writer, so that's the site I'll be on. Goodbye Rassbert's Secrets.

Spiffyy Banned

Spiffyy, a member/trainer user. For more info on trainer go to can get banned for it and someone on my buddy list is banned forever, how do I know? Spiffyy told me he would always wear his favorite wig, the flickstar. And when you get banned, you lose your membership, and that means you lose all your clothes you bought when a member. And in this picture it shows that Spiffyy has NO clothes on and he has the pin on from APRIL.

NEVER use trainer or storm.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Penguin Band at Iceberg...

I went onto Server Mammoth, and the Penguin Band was at the Iceberg. I couldn't click on them because you have to meet them at Backstage for that. I met Penguin Band at the Penguin Play Awards, so I already had the background.

I'm breakdancing by Petey K(the accordion playing green penguin circled)
My favorite Penguin Band member is G Billy.

Me dressed like G Billy.

A LOT of penguins were aggravated because they couldn't click on the band and they hadn't met them.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Today there was a party! We started at Saraapril's stage igloo. No pictures. :( Then we headed to Lighthouse, no picutres of that either. Then off to Taguester's igloo.

Us breakdancing!

A puffle trying to make it seem like he/she is breakdancing!
Next we go to backstage.

Yippee Spider880 came!

CHOCOLATE!!!! I like that episode of Spongebob where Spongebob and Patrick are chocolate bar salesmen and that fish wants all their chocolate and screams CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!

Off to my igloo for a moment.

Then to Spider880's igloo.

It was very fun, THE END.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Night Club Roof

Candece has opened up the Night Club Roof again! And the Boom Box is available once more, originally at a member party in the Night Club. Non members can meet Candece anywhere in the night club, but members have a better chance at the Night Club Roof.

Er pink doesn't rock...ah well. You can click on the DJ systems and they move.

Backtage Instruments

If you go to The Dock, there is a HUGE stage. If you have the All Access Pass, go to the little opening in the curtain. To the left of Backstage, a bunch of old instruments are back.

Where I circled the top of the i, if you click on it, you get the snare drum and drumsticks. Where I circled the o, if you click on it, you get the black electric guitar. The Cowbell is played by click w really fast without having the cursor on the chat bar. The Cowbell, Trombone, and Double Necked Guitar are new items.

Snow Forts Stand

At the Snow Forts, there's a stand. It sells shirts and the pass. You need the pass to enter backtage and the roof of the night club.

All T-Shirts=250 coins
All Access Pass=50 coins