Saturday, July 4, 2009

How To Find Sensei

I have found that Chrisdog's Tracker works the best, it's just that I'm always too late because the hideout is always full before I can get in. His website is:
If you think the trackers don't work, here are some other ideas:
1. A popular server
Go to a popular server, like Blizzard. Wait there. He should eventually come.
2. Other penguins
If a penguin says "Sensei is on Mammoth," they could be telling the truth, and they may not. If they are outside the Dojo trying to get into the hideout, I can pretty much guarantee they are lying. If they have the background and are just standing outside the dojo, not trying to get in the hideout, they could be telling the truth.
3. The "floor cleaning"
In the hideout, a lot of penguin might be saying "clear the floor for Sensei!" I have never seen the middle floor completely clear of penguins. This is most likely a lie. He also travels from server to server, I don't think he cares if he has room for 100 more of him to land around him.
4. His looks
Sensei is gray. Sensei has a white beard. Sensei has a Chinese hat. Do not even acknowledge the penguins wearing the Santa Beard, with a safari hat, sombrero, or straw hat on. HE IS NOT BLACK OR BLUE HE IS GRAY. This is what he looks like when you click on him:

5. Crowds
When you get into the hideout on a server, it's VERY easy to tell if Sensei is currently there. A bunch of penguins will be piled up in one place, or the crowding Sensei. If you can't even click on him because of the crowd, click on your buddy list. Click on the yellow face next to the skull and happy face. This is penguins in the room. Scroll down to S. Sensei will have a laughing face next to his name. Then click on him and get the player card.

I will post WHEN I meet him.

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