Friday, June 12, 2009

Adventure Party Hunt

Hello penguins, the adventure party started today and there is a hunt for "discoveries." The free item you get if you find everything is an adventure background. Here is how to find all the items:
1. The Silver Fish.
Go to the pool(located at the plaza under the penguin hole cover)and click on the silver fish that will swim by in the glass wall.
2. The Rainbow Flower String.
Go to the cove and click on the ugly green stem, rainbow flowers will come. click on the string.
3. The Turtle.
Go to the dock and the rock by the boat, click on the little splashing next to it, and a turtle will appear, click on the turtle.
4. The Flower Petals.
Go to the Snow Forts and click on the bush with the single petals on it, flowers will bloom, click on the flowers.
5. The Whale.
Go to the ice berg and you will see water shooting at the top left, click on the water, a whale will appear, click on the whale.
6. The Flowers.
Go to the plaza and above the pizza parlor are flowers, click on the flowers.
7. The Jellyfish.
Go to the beach and at the bottom right you will see bubbling, click on the bubbling, a jellyfish will appear, click on the jellyfish.
8. The Pink Flowers.
At the forest between two waterfalls, is a tree, click on its flowers.

Be sure to get the bird in the tree forts if you are a member!

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