Monday, June 1, 2009

101 Days of Fun!

Billybob posted about 101 Days of Fun in Club Penguin. Here's what he said...

Hello Penguins!

You guys are always finding really cool things to do all over the island and since some of you mentioned you'll be on holidays soon, we thought we could join you on your quests for fun, excitement, and creativity - and give you some ways to stay busy in Club Penguin...

Starting this Thursday, June 4, until the middle of September, every week you'll find a list of things to do in the Club Penguin Times! 101 Days of Fun means there will be something new to do, discover, and check off every single day! It all kicks off on Thursday, so we'll give you more details then.

We can't wait to see how much fun you can have exploring Club Penguin in interesting ways.... If you've got any ideas for things that penguins should do for fun, we want to hear them!!

Until then...Waddle on!


  1. Rassbert,

    To make a banner follow these steps!
    1) Go to Start
    2) Click All Programs
    3) Click Accessories
    4) Click Banner
    5) Make your Banner using all the tools available to Paint (or any tools you want)
    6) E-mail it to me at

    Hopefully I will like your Banner and I wish you good luck!


  2. Woops Mess Up!

    -Step 4) Click Paint not Banner sorry!