Saturday, May 30, 2009

Rockhopper's NEW story!

Just a moment ago, Rockhopper had a NEW story! He was sailing with Yarr, and the water turned to QUICKSAND! The ship was sinking! Rockhopper challenged the quicksand to a race and won! How? He's the fastest pirate EVER! See two other Rockhopper stories below with pictures. Waddle on!


  1. Hi Rockhopper is FUN and AWESOME...LOL you Never know what stories he will tell you :)
    Here i sthe Answer to your question:
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    Waddle On Friend :)

  2. Okay it's on there, how do I make a banner? Waddle on!

  3. Hi Thanks you having my Banner on your Blog I have added you to my Blog List :) Yes I can meet you in Ice Cold at the Snow Fort see you in Club Penguin soon :)