Monday, May 25, 2009

I met Rockhopper!

Just a minute ago, I met Rockhopper! He was at the Cove on the server Ascent! He just left. Don't listen to penguins who say he lost Yarr, because he was with Rockhopper! Want to know why he had the plants? He found some seeds on his voyage. He accidentally spilled the seeds all over his ship. He was too lazy to clean them up. Later on, the seeds grew into all the plants! So, he came to Club Penguin to ask for help. Someone asked him about the plants, and that's the story he told.
Here's how he looks with his red puffle, Yarr.

Want to know how Rockhopper came upon Yarr? Well, on Rockhopper island, he found red puffles. One responded when Rockhopper said "Yarr." So, he named him Yarr. Rockhopper found all this interesting, so he brought red puffles to Club Penguin. Today, you can still adopt a red puffle.

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